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Web Testing Service

Arete Infosystems is a startup specialized in web application testing.

With vast experience in software development & testing, we are providing testing service to our clients which is reliable, at lower cost, with better quality. We are helping our clients to release products to public or to their customers with confidence!

Testing Challenges

  • It is recommended to test entire product before releasing it to public. Chanllenge is, it is unrealistic to manually test complete product everytime before release, at least when product starts growing or if product is already big.
  • Automation testing is useful, but requires expensive investment to code and maintain it!
  • Popular automation tools are available, but each have their own learning curve, complexities and limitations which makes most part of product difficult to automate.
  • Hiring quality resources, training them is expensive. Attrition make this even more difficult.
  • Companies also needs to handle other costs like office space, internet, electricity, taxes, insurance etc. Other unpreditable aspects like sickness, holidays etc add to overall cost.

How we solve your problem ?

  • We have developed our own set of tools for automation testing and documentation etc. This we developed to serve our clients better, hence incurs no cost to our clients.
  • We charge fixed amount to our clients every month. So customer need not have to worry about costs of office space, utilities etc
  • Your company can focus on product development by delegating testing effort to us.
  • Our core competency web application testing. So we know how to handle attrition, training resources on our client products and our in-house developed tools. Our resources are more productive, cost efficient compared to resources hired directly.

Why us ?


We have developed our own set of tools for automation testing, documentation using popular technologies like Selenium, .Net etc.


We provide faster, reliable, efficient service by continued improvement in our process, testing tools.

Lower Cost

Number of human resources needed is low because of most of the testing, documentation is done by our tools.


Being the company based in India, we have access to abundance of qualified resources, at lower cost.



WebTestware is a codeless web automation testing software.


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